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Illness & Pain are NOTĀ Random


Learn to translate the messages of the body through its language of metaphor to discover the emotions that have been held in your cells for so long.Ā 

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TheĀ Emotional Anatomy Library

A searchable library of Traceys work: Packed with content, featuring podcasts both published and unpublished, videos and Instagram Posts.

Discover the meanings behind illness here.

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The Root Cause Foundation Course

A deep dive into how illness is created and arrives in our bodies.Ā 

This is a pre requisite for joining the Root Cause Practice Program

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The Root Cause Practice Program

A 12 week program with live teaching held 3 times a year. The beginning of a journey into self healing and facilitating healing in others

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Short and Deep MicroWorkshops where Chinese Medicine meets Emotional Anatomy

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TheĀ Wisdom of your Cycle

A 3 part workshop on the Menstrual Cycle. Discover how your past may have influenced your cycle.Ā 

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My name is Tracey Stevens and I'm the creator of the Root Cause Practice Program. 

 I started working in the Health Industry as an Occupational Therapist in1989. 

Twelve years and 3 children later I found myself disenchanted with Western Medicine and was guided towards the ancient teachings of the East. By 2006 I had qualified as a Five Element Acupuncturist. 

As much as I loved helping people with Acupuncture I was still seeking.


I was helping many and had tools to diagnose and treat people, but I was still searching for understanding as to why illness and pain arose in people's lives.

The Rabbit Hole I was led down took me on an emotional, spiritual and metaphysical journey. I studied Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Compassionate Inquiry and slowly but surely the jigsaw became a picture.

A picture with infinite depth that is still evolving today.

In 2018 I softly began posting my thoughts on Instagram under my Acupuncture Practice name - The Healing Point.

This eventually grew into the Root Cause Practice Program and in 2021 I finally closed the door to my Acupuncture Practice and began teaching full time online.

My vision is for all people to have greater understanding of themselves, their bodies and to be empowered in their own journey through life.

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The Healing Point Podcast features conversations with individuals that are aimed at discovering the Root Cause of their physical issues.

These conversations are similar to a Root Cause  session, the guests are anonymous and some of the deeper work is edited to maintain privacy.

Listen as we unfold the deeper reasons behind physical illness.

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I'm a people person,

To discover more of my work you can find me on Instagram @thehealingpoint._

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