The Wisdom of Your Cycle

A Workshop on Menstruation, Metaphysics & Metaphors


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How do your hormones effect your life?


Do you dread your periods?

Is your cycle a battle for you?

Do you feel frustrated at the lack of choice, help or information out there.

Are these words familiar - 

'its just your hormones - there's nothing you can do' 


Its Time For Change 

Change your Hormonal Destiny.

We are not stuck in the ancestral pattern inherited from our feminine lineage.

Knowledge is Power

With wisdom comes empowerment.

In this workshop I'm going to teach you about the metaphysics of your cycle - how your body, your energy, your relationships and your cycle are intertwined.

  •  What is it that our body is trying to teach us?
  • How your symptoms are showing you the path to healing
  • How emotions are your guide

It’s time to equip yourself with knowledge that will not only help you but help your daughters and granddaughters too.


Understand the foundations and energy of your cycle. The roots of imbalance.


Learn about the relationship between emotions and your hormones.


Discover the ways in which you can respond to your body's messages.


This workshop is right for you if;


 You want a deeper understanding of your cycle.

 You're ready to look at the emotions that are connected to your ancestral lineage and your current situation

 You want to feel empowered in the choices you make about your body

 You've reached peri menopause or menopause and you want to understand how your hormonal lifetime has contributed to your symptoms

You have menstrual issues and want to understand your symptoms

Meet Tracey


I know first hand what it is like to be ruled by your hormonal pattern. My menstruating years ended with a partial hysterectomy,

It was only through that experience did I then begin to understand that the problem wasn't with my hormones, it was with all the other parts of my life that were imbalanced.


I am passionate about helping women understand their bodies and the messages it brings.

There is such power in that knowledge.

I want to share with you that understanding so you can take positive action to rebalance your hormones and your life.

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The Details


This workshop was recorded Live on the 1st June 2022

You are purchasing the replay to watch in your own time.

It is accompanied by a PDF to assist you in a process of self inquiry to enable you to discover the emotional and thought patterns that may be creating imbalances in your own body.

The concepts in this workshop are metaphysical, emotional and energetic with a dash of chinese medicine 


The Investment is £49

Join me on this journey of self-discovery and open the door to a new perspective on your menstrual cycle.

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"After attending the Menstrual Cycle workshop  with Tracey @thehealingpoint  I gained a deeper understanding of its connection with our emotions. 

"Emotions are held in the blood"
It has also taught me things to make this time of the month a more positive experience. 

My period over the last few years has filled me with dread about it coming, as it is a time when I feel very moody, emotional, anxious, unmotivated, just desperate for it to be over!
Learning more about our cycle and how the body holds onto and releases emotions I was able to use things I learnt, along with another experience I had and connect the dots.......
After the workshop and before my next period I attended a Wim Hof workshop where I learned and experienced breathwork and cold exposure that allowed me to release ALOT of tears and tension from my body.
This release of emotions from my body made the experience of my next period very different - much calmer, less anxious, brighter and not desperate for it to be over.
Fantastic Workshop highly recommend ✨"
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