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Why people get ill and how to help them heal

 A Unique Way of Looking At

Health, Healing  & Life


The next cohort of this course begins early 2025.

To register for this course you must first complete the Root Cause Foundation.

Click below for the Foundation Course.


The Foundation Course

Do you find yourself working with clients 1 to 1 whose physical issues aren’t changing? 

Maybe you’re aware something is preventing them from moving forward, but you can’t put your finger on it. 


Perhaps you don't know what to do or say when strong emotions come up - you know there is an emotional block but don't know how to help your client navigate it.

Do you feel your client's physical issues have an emotional cause but don't know what to say or how to help them?

You've taken lots of courses and read lots of books, but you still feel like you don’t have the necessary skills or confidence to take your client into a place of deep emotional healing.

But perhaps, most importantly, you know there's more to learn about this physical experience of life, and you’re ready to seek more profound wisdom so you can help others.

Does this resonate with you? If so, you've arrived in the right place…

Welcome to The Root Cause Practice Program -

a 12-week online programme that bridges the gap between talking therapies and physical/energetic therapies.

If you work in the talking therapy space, you’ll learn the importance of listening to the body’s signals and understand the truth behind what aches and pains mean.

If you work as a physical or energetic practitioner, you’ll learn the value of talking to your clients and how, through asking the right questions, you can enable your clients to heal more deeply. 

Understanding the link between physical and emotional therapies is essential to deeper healing and one that’s not highlighted enough. 

Throughout our 12 weeks together, you’ll gain confidence in working with clients on a deeper level whilst taking part in your own journey of reflection and healing. 

To enable you to work deeply with your own clients, you must look internally, too. During the course, we’ll be working through questions to ask yourself so that you can become a more compassionate, less judgmental and in-tune being. 

This programme is a unique blend of personal, trauma-informed, and psychosomatic learning. I aim to educate practitioners in a more profound understanding of unbalanced emotional patterns that contribute to disease, so their clients can achieve a deeper level of healing. 

The Root Cause Practice Programme is broken into three key elements; 

  • Learning the symbolic language of the body
  • Connecting with clients through questioning whilst creating a safe space for them to release emotion 
  • Learning the art of reframing to help clients see themselves in a different way

Join me, Tracey Stevens, on a profound, unique, and thought-provoking 12-week journey, where you will break through your limitations, learn to create a more authentic connection with your clients and understand all parts of self. 


Sign up for The Foundation Course

12-week course with 11 weeks of Live Teaching

6 Modules with video/audio content

Including 4 live emotional anatomy sessions 

Small group mentoring pods

“I feel like this course is so powerful - words just don't even describe how incredible it is. There’s nobody else doing this; you can’t find a course like this anywhere else - I feel like it’s so groundbreaking and so special.” 

Tam - Cohort 2

 With over 35 years of working in health and healing modalities, I believe I’m uniquely placed to take you on this journey.

After beginning a degree in Psychology, I knew that wasn’t the path for me, so I left and ended up with a job in an old-style psychiatric hospital. From there, I trained and qualified as an Occupational Therapist working in Neurology.

After 12 years and three babies, I left to retrain as a Five Element Acupuncturist, a practice I continue today. Along the way, I’ve also trained in Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression therapy and Gabor Mate's therapeutic approach; Compassionate Inquiry.

These experiences, I believe have given me an individual way of looking at health, healing and life. 

In 2019 I started writing about the mind-body connection on Instagram under my Acupuncture business name: The Healing Point. This course is a dream that has come to life through Social Media's power, which has allowed me to communicate my thoughts and ideas globally.

My vision has always been to help people better understand themselves, their bodies and be empowered in their own journey through life.

The Root Cause Practice Program is the course I wish I could have taken earlier.

I was looking for understanding and insight into the nature of illness, the mind and how I could really help people heal.

The Root Cause Practice Program course is packed with information and skill development - it’s a personal journey of discovery.

You'll not only discover the emotions and energetics behind physical issues but also the skills to facilitate the journey of release for your clients.


Module 1

The bridge between the foundation course and the RCP program... going deeper into our own energy and behaviour, with a deep dive into the Nervous System. 


  • How we transmit and receive energy.
  • Recognising and changing patterns
  • Regulating the Nervous System 
  • Videos on the Immune system and Lymphatic system
  • Plus full recorded sessions, so you can hear how a session works, questions asked and the way I'm going to teach you how to find the Root Cause

Also we look at how conflict creates the physical symptom in our first live session.

Module 2

Understanding the language and perceptions we form so that you can 'hear' the path to the Root Cause


  • The power of words
  • Judgement versus Compassion
  • The differences between perceptions and feelings
  • Learning how to question the symptom
  • Listening ... the client always leads you towards the root of their pain.

Module 3

Understanding the automatic defences we use so that you can recognise the body's reactions and develop the skills of opening, allowing & enable release.


  • Defences and limiting beliefs
  • The importance of safety
  • Going further into questioning and practicing the skills

Short words for a big module which will change the way you see others.


Module 4

The inner child and inner voices module 


  • How parts of us get frozen in time
  • How our inner child is attached to the physical body via the Nervous system.
  • How to work with those parts.
  • How to allow those parts to speak and release.

This module lasts 3 weeks and perhaps the deepest and most profound part of the course. Myself, the mentors and interns are all here to support you through this potentially life changing module.


Module 4.5

Still working with the inner child, this short module is released a week after the last one and covers using the tool of compassion directed towards those frozen parts


  • A Directed Compassion exercise
  • Using compassion for your own self healing.
  • Using the compassion tool for others.


Module 5

Understanding how to reframe and end a session so that your client walks away with a sense of victory, feeling more whole.


  • Reframing Shame, Anger and Fear
  • The art of seeing wholeness
  • Practicing the skills
  • Plus a final session of your choice


The Root Cause Foundation Course is a pre requisite to joining this program. To find out more click the button below.

The Foundation Course

"This course is so unique; I don't know of anything like it."

Linda - Cohort 2

Why learn about the root cause?

I believe that the mind and body are inextricably linked. Physical issues have an emotional root cause. Through learning about the body metaphors and asking the right questions, we can uncover the truth and facilitate a deeper level of healing for our clients. 

As therapists, psychologists, counsellors, nurses, Doctors, reiki therapists, breathwork therapists and anyone within the healing and wellbeing space, we have a responsibility, and an opportunity, to facilitate authentic healing for our patients. And this starts with working towards the root cause.


Who should take this course?


This course is right for you if;


âś” You’re ready to deepen your therapeutic work -  with yourself and your clients.

âś” You feel like there is a missing piece to your practice but can’t work out what it is.

âś” You’re seeking more answers as to why people keep coming back with the same issues.


âś” You’re feeling frustrated or unconfident in your work, and you’ve reached a point of dissatisfaction.

âś” You’ve recently changed careers or modalities, but you’re not feeling fulfilled in the way you’d hoped. 

“This course has helped me to trust my intuition.”


Gill, Cohort 2

What do you get when you enrol?

12 weeks of learning, with 11 live sessions of review, discussion and skills practice so you can cement your learning, have your questions answered and develop your skills. 

6 pre-recorded course modules, so you can fit the learning around your life and give yourself enough time and space to process the content.

Multiple learning modalities = increased information retention. It’s proven that multiple learning styles increase retention, so that’s why The Root Cause Practice Programme includes a mix of online videos and live sessions, helping your learning stick.

Small group mentoring pods; facilitated by a mentor. These groups allow you to practice questioning skills so you can better understand the content you’re learning whilst receiving support from both a mentor and your peers.

Emotional anatomy sessions; 5 of the live sessions are based on the psychosomatic language of the body, will help diversify your skills and further your knowledge.

Access to a like-minded  Community so that you can benefit from the connections formed within the group, collaborate with other group members and stay in tune with the course during the process.


What happens next?

The Foundation Course below is now a pre requisite for this program.

Join the email list to receive notifications and news or check out the 4 week Foundation Course if you're ready to jump in.

Next Cohort begins February 2025

The Foundation Course

In 2022 I introduced a Foundation Course as a pre requisite for this 12 week program .. if you're interested in joining the next cohort click the image below for more details.

If you believe that everything happens for a reason, I ask you to take notice of the moment in which you find yourself reading this.


Could now be the right time to take the next step in your journey?


Begin with the Foundation

I’m passionate about helping people discover the  hidden wisdom of their body



I’m committed to facilitating a deeper level of healing in the world, and if you feel the time is right, I welcome you to join me on this journey.

If you have already completed the Foundation Course you will receive the details and registration links for the next cohort.i

Frequently Asked Questions


Laurelle - Cohort 3

The course has changed my perception around what might be going on for people, expanding the lens through which I view physical symptoms. It provided a gentle but powerful way of questioning that is deeply respectful of the other person and empowers them to connect to their body's way of communicating with them too. When people mention their symptoms to me now, I hear what they are saying differently. New possibilities have opened up.

Emma - Cohort 3

"Very simply, how powerful our beliefs are and the significant impact they can have on our physical appearance and how they can be the driving force behind so many aspects of our behaviour, personality, character and physiological function or expression of our health. Fascinating!It has completely changed the way I interact with others and myself.

It has enabled me to finally start to come into dialogue with myself and become more embodied as a result which in turn has enabled me to understand others on a much deeper level."

Clea - Cohort 2

“This course was designed for practitioners, but even if you are not a full on practitioner you come out of it transformed, looking at life, at yourself, at others in a totally different light.


You become more compassionate, understanding of the physical ailments, illnesses, injuries we incur over our lifetimes and where they come from, the link between our emotions and manifestation of dis-ease in our bodies. You start to see how our childhood influences us, how the things we say to others can have a profound effect on them, how the behaviour of our parents when we are very small, shape us as adults. And how trauma doesn’t have to be the ugliest of crimes we can think of yet trauma can come from the perception we carry of a seemingly mundane event to someone else.


Through this course I met a group of amazing and beautiful people and have learned so much from them

I am deeply grateful and humbled to be part of this awesome group"

Rachael - Cohort 3

"Thank you so much!! I'm very happy we met and it all led to this, the course and your teachings have been incredibly grounding for my work and offerings and I feel really grateful to have been on this course with all the wonderful women. The conversations we have are so healing and needed in the world."