Discover the answers to some of your deepest questions about health, emotions, and the mind-body connection.

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Thursday 11th April 2024 6pm UK

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Hosted by Tracey

You know intuitively that stress and difficult circumstances in our lives create illness.

We witness this in our families and our interactions with others.

Our bodies speak to us all the time in a language of metaphor.

Tuning into the physical messages, guides us into the feelings we have buried, or learned to hold in.

Decode those messages and you can unlock the wisdom within you.

Are you here because of an innate desire to be of service and enable others to heal?

Or are you seeking healing and understanding for yourself?

Maybe its both.

Either way, there has never been a better time to absorb  this knowledge and understanding.


As we heal ourselves we heal others around us

We are not separate.

Life doesn't exist in a vacuum. Our physical biology is influenced and effected by the other people in our lives.

 Join me on this mind opening journey of Self Discovery... revealing the roots of human BEing, health and healing.


What you'll get:

  • 4 weeks of video content with immediate access to week 1
  • Insights and deep conversations about the energetic, spiritual and physical nature of our lives.
  • How and why pain shows up in the body
  • The importance of boundaries
  • Self Enquiry questions for personal work
  • Deep insights into your own patterns that limit you in the world
  • An introduction to Emotional Anatomy work on the Systems
  • Study at your own pace
I'm Ready - show me the details

Are you ready to begin this journey of self discovery?



Whether you are a wanting to improve your skills in your work, or on a personal healing journey. The Foundation course is where we begin.


I will gently walk you down this pathway toward finding your own wisdom
Start the Journey

Revealing the Roots 

Opening Awareness

Sometimes we get stuck in our lives, physically, emotionally or energetically. We can't see the way forward because we can't see the whole picture.

AND the tricky thing is   - we DON'T KNOW that we can't see the whole picture until  suddenly we are given another piece of the puzzle and then we get that ephiphany moment when a sudden realisation hits us.

Changing The Pattern

With wisdom comes empowerment.

We can only change the patterns of our thoughts and behaviour when we can understand where those patterns began.

So this is a course to broaden your understanding.

You're going to learn

  •  How the energetic environment you grew up in effects you today
  • How your physical health  is created from your past
  • How your body reacts when you deny your authentic self
  • The relationship between the energetic, emotional and physical body
  • How your body speaks in metaphor
  • Why boundaries are so important to physical health
  • How and why we make negative associations and that drives behaviour
  • Emotional anatomy classes on: The Nervous System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System & Digestive System

And there's so much more that words cannot do justice to. 

Week 1

Understand how you became disconnected from your authentic self

Week 2

Learn how that disconnection effected your body.

Week 3

The Metaphysics of how energy becomes physical and how and why pain shows up in the body.

Week 4

Integrating and understanding how illness and healing show up in our lives.


This course is right for you if;


 You want a deeper understanding of how illness and pain show up in our bodies.  

 You're ready to look at the emotions that are connected to your physical issues

 You want to feel empowered in the choices you make about your body

 You understand that life is more than physical and you're ready to embrace a deeper energetic understanding that encompasses both spiritual and physical existence

You are ready to open to an expanded level of self awareness

You are feeling stuck and are ready for change


This course is NOT right for you if;



 You are looking for a quick fix for your physical health problems (it takes time and inner work)

❌ You don't want to change anything in your life

❌ You struggle with concepts like energy or the soul

❌ You feel resistance to looking into your past 


Meet Tracey


I am passionate about helping people understand their bodies better.

Most of us have grown up in a society that tells us what is good for us and what is bad for us. We have been taught that things go wrong with the body randomly and mechanically and there's nothing we can do about it.

Over my 30 + years working in health, moving from Western Medicine to Eastern Medicine, I've learnt that those words are just not true.

Modern research in areas like epigenetics, and neuroscience has confirmed what ancient wisdom has always taught us.. that we are MORE than physical.

Our bodies hold a wisdom; they speak to us all the time in a language of metaphor. Tuning into the physical messages, reminds us of the feelings we have buried, or learned to hold in.

We are not separate. We don't exist in a vacuum. Our physical biology is influenced and effected by the other people in our lives.

We have forgotten what is lost to us and its now time to reclaim our hearts and connect to our potential.

It's my mission to share this deep knowledge.. to teach people to listen and translate those physical messages. Only then can we be EMPOWERED to make choices about what course of action to take in pursuit of becoming WHOLE.

The Details


This self study course consists of the first two modules from the Root Cause Practice Program. You will find here, the original teaching videos and recordings from various live teachings from the last 2 years.

The course is dripped over 4 weeks, from the time you sign up - so each week you'll receive your next set of videos and resources.

The aim of this information is to broaden your understanding of YOURSELF.

It is personal work, and the more you engage with the material and answer the enquiry questions the more you'll discover parts of yourself that may have previously been buried to you.

The Foundation Course is open to everyone, but if you are interested in taking the 12 week RCP program then completion is a requirement.

The concepts in this course are a combination of physical, metaphysical, emotional and energetic with a dash of chinese medicine 


You have lifetime access (whilst the website is still standing)

The Investment is £297

Join me on this journey of self-discovery and open the door to  new perspectives.

Ready to take the journey?