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The Stomach MicroWorkshop

This workshop was recorded in 2021 and is part of a series of Emotional Anatomy Micro Workshops 

"Not Micro at all"  - Caroline


This workshop will give you an overview of the Chinese Medicine understanding of this organ combined with the Emotional Anatomy metaphors to help you create a deeper picture of its role and function in the body beyond the physical and biological function.


It will offer you new insight into:

  • 1 The larger energetic aspects; eg. the pathway, the Element
  • 2 The Stomach's relationship to receiving.
  • 3 The concepts of discernment and sorting
  • 4 The emotions, mirrors and challenges for the smooth function of this organ
  • 5 Some of the physical manifestations of an imbalance - we touch briefly on reflux, indigestion, eating and soothing


Slides and Self Enquiry Questions are added as downloadable PDF's.

If you're viewing this for more insight on a condition you are struggling with I invite you not to watch passively but to pause the recording if something resonates or touches you and sit with what is coming up. Journal or contemplate the deeper meaning for you.

Follow the questions in the PDF and see what insights emerge from it.


This is a non refundable digital product.